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International Day of the Girl

posted on 2013-10-03

KIDOONS is getting ready to celebrate a very special day on October 11! What's it all about? Well, in 2011 the UN decided that every October 11 would be a day to celebrate girls' rights and recognize the issues they face around the world! This is how International Day of the Girl Child was created! How awesome is that?
Do you know some issues girls face today? In some parts of the world, girls don't have access to education, even though they really want to learn. It's unsafe or unacceptable to be a girl student in some places. In other cases, girls are too busy with work and chores at home, so they can't attend their classes! Some girls today are also faced with self-esteem issues, which make them feel insecure. Sometimes boys are treated better than girls, which can make girls lose confidence too. If you've ever felt this way, don't ever give up! Girls, you should dream big and be who you want to be!
The world is yours! Many organizations around the globe support International Day of the Girl Child, such as the UN, Because I Am A Girl, Girl Guides Canada, Day of the Girl, School Girls Unite and many more!
Celebrate this day with KIDOONS and remember girls: nothing can stop you when you believe in yourself!

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